The Coin Logic (TCL)

Project overview

The Coin Logic (TCL) is a professional, in-depth analytics tool used by cryptocurrency projects to provide transparency to their communities through data.

TCL offers fully transparent data tracking and monitoring of projects. Project owners or managers can get listed on TCL and receive all historical data about their project from the date of listing.

By listing on TCL projects and investors will receive:

Access to market data dashboard (price, market cap, supply, liquidity, pair token price, burned tokens, volume, any other custom address tracking like treasuries, utility wallets).

Access to holders addresses, their holdings, and their activity. Unlike BSC Scan, project owners or managers will get access to a full list of their holders wallet addresses. TCL will monitor the amount of holders that have a specified amount of token, and their activity (new holders, recurring buys, exiting holders).

Access to social media activity analysis. Project owners will get access to a dashboard that analyzes their social media accounts for the number of members, messages for any given day, social sentiment, and activity levels.

Access to project specific tools like price impact calculators, earning calculators (for rebase projects), burn trackers, KPI dashboard, holders list and filtering by specific wallet address.

Project owners will receive access to discord bots that track all data available on the market data dashboard and full control over them.

If the project is not audited, they can do that through our partners and receive a discount on being registered on the TCL tracker.

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