Listing a project

How to list a project on The Coin Logic

Project listing on TCL is a manual process. We value transparency and the listing process involves communicating closely with our customers.

Project listing process:

  • Contact us for a project listing

  • Project evaluation

  • Team evaluation

  • Project vision evaluation

  • Data collection and refinement

  • Payment

  • Listing

  • Feedback

Project listing checklist:

  • Is the project audited?

  • Has the team completed a KYC?

  • Does the project solve a problem or have utility?

  • Does the project have a vision?

Payment options:

  • Fiat - (USD, EUR), processed through Stripe

  • Stablecoins - (BUSD, USDT, USDC), processed through Request Finance

More payment options will be available in the future.

We will require your email address to issue an invoice and process the payments.

You will be able to see your payment history under the "Payments" tab on your profile page.

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