The Coin Logic pricing (Alpha version)

All projects that want to list on TCL must be audited. If you don't meet the requirements, you can schedule a meeting with the Cardinal House and get your project audited and in case you think about a KYC, contact our partner KC Consulting.

Already existing audits and KYCs will be evaluated before listing on TCL.

Listing fee (One time only)

The Coin Logic charges a one-time-only listing fee. The current listing fee for the Beta version is $1,500 (we have a early Beta-phase discount of 25% running [$1125])

Campaign Tracker fee (monthly)

For the campaign/marketing tracker we charge a monthly fee of $150-$250, depending if your project is listed on our platform or not. At the moment we have a 7 day free trial event running.

Maintenance fee (Monthly subscription)

The Monthly subscription fee is currently on pause.

Coin Logic charges a monthly subscription fee of $25 per month. All of the fees go to maintenance and the upkeep of the infrastructure (servers, node providers, hosting).

The Coin Logic preferred payment for a monthly subscription is in Fiat (USD, EUR) through Stripe. Cryptocurrency payments will have to be handled manually.

Payment options

You can choose to pay the listing fee using the following means:

  • Fiat (USD, EUR) through Stripe

  • Stablecoins (BUSD, USDC, USDT). We will require at least your email address for the invoice.

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